We don’t illuminate stones – we bring them to life.


Earth’s rock deposits provide us with natural stones, whose translucent textures and individual compositions we use to create an unrivaled experience.


Shape and size of a Futurestone are variable and manufactured according to the wishes of our customers. We take up every challenge, to meet your demands.


Futurestone gives you an unprecedented opportunity to customize a location’s atmosphere to your personal mood, the sound of the music and the theme of the event.


Over a two-year development stage, we perfected the harmonization of brightness, contrast and depth effect to create an impeccable symbiosis of stone and technology.


The possible applications of a Futurestone range from upgrading personal premises, restaurants or bars to ennobling the most imposing yachts in the world.


Immerse yourself in the artistic processes together with our graphic designers and make your imaginations come true. Millions of designs can be created out of a single natural stone.