Interior Design

Interior Design

Create a stunning room atmosphere with your personal Futurestone that will broaden your horizon. Mount it in your living room or bedroom as an exposition of modern art that has no equal. Include Futurestone in the interior design stage of your residential building, restaurant, hotel or yacht and let it become part of your walls, ceilings and floors. Be enchanted by the incomparable spectacle of a living stone. If you decide not to use the technology once, an excellent sight still remains thanks to the high-quality natural stones’ surfaces which we use.

Refinement of Furnishings

Fascinate your guests with a bar or lobby counter that pulsates to the rhythm of music. Stop serving your establishment’s delicacies on standard furniture. Use Futurestone restaurant tables to create a distinct ambiance for each seating group by lightning the tableware in different colour shades. Receive your business partners at an exceptional meeting table that not only illuminates the individual seats, but shows characteristic designs tracing the stone’s natural veins and thereby represents the exclusivity of your company.

High Humidity Conditions

Take the regenerative effect of your wellness or spa area to the next level. Relax during your sauna sessions with soft and calming colour experiences on the walls and ceilings. Immerse yourself in another world while floating through the water on your back and gazing at a Futurestone above you. A massage treatment inevitably becomes an unforgettable experience, when the body unwinds as the eyes follow the nuances set along the texture of the stone. Complete the spectacle with musical accompaniment to the visual effects.

Outdoor Solutions

Thanks to its resistance, Futurestone can also be utilized outdoors. Cover the exterior facade of your jewellery store or luxury car showroom with our product to attract new customers with this distinctive eye-catcher. Refine your yacht using our world novelty and impress your guests with the overwhelming fascination of Futurestone.

Futurestone Talis fire

Unlimited Possibilities of Creation

We understand Futurestone not only as a product of the future, but also as a constant challenge that we will face at any time and never set limits. Thus, our innovation is continuously evolving and taking on new appearances. Contribute to this process and share your ideas with us!