Our Promise

A customer-oriented and comprehensive support from our dedicated and motivated team, which is characterized by expertise and flexibility in planning, design and installation.


Project Preparation

Your wishes and ideas build the foundation for our work. Share them with our project planners to receive strategic and creative advice at an early stage. We then conduct an on-site appointment to incorporate local conditions into the realization of your individual Futurestone.


Each Futurestone is unique and requires specific adjustments already in the creation phase. After you have finally decided on a type of natural stone, we will prepare a comprehensive offer for you, including visual representations, so that you do not need to project your idea in your mind’s eye only anymore.



After the detailed processing of the stone you have chosen, the manufacturing of a custom-made frame construction and the adjustment of the control technology, the content visualization is carried out by our graphic designers according to your wishes.


As soon as the delivery of all components arrives, we start with the assembly and the creation of the unmistakable Futurestone combination of nature and technology. The final adaptation of the contents in coordination with our end customer is followed by the presentation of our complete work and ultimately the approval of a new, unprecedented Futurestone.

Futurestone Lobby